About Us

All businesses that wish to be successful and gain client support must come up with a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and ‘what makes the business different” for their services or products. At Modderno & Co, we didn’t have to – because we are the USP.

In the one professional practice you have a combination of expertise and experience  that covers everywhere from  “what should I do with my tax matters and accounting requirements”; “how do I start and build my businesses or investments” through to “ how do we take the business to the next level”;  “how to future proof the business” and “how do we get the business exit ready”.

The practice leaders’ combined expertise and experience cover creation of an idea and business structure, looking after your tax and accounting matters, building your personal wealth,  growing your business profitably and sustainably as well as exiting your business with the desired outcomes.

One of our overarching promises is “we work with you for your personal and/or business success” and “if we don’t know the answer, we promise you we will know someone that does!!”


Mission statement:
We help our clients with accounting, tax, financial, business advisory and financial system services, to deliver clearly communicated, innovative and effective actionable solutions for the desired outcomes. Our clients consider us as an investment for success.


Vision statement:
To be a “Proactive Service Partner of Choice” for our clients’ growth and sustainability through the provision of accounting, tax, financial, business advisory and financial system solutions as an investment for our clients’ success.

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Suite 7, 374 Church Street Parramatta NSW 2150